All the windows shown on this page have been designed and built by myself.

Starting with a simple idea of the overall window appearance, I spend time developing a unique design with the prospective owner.

Once the art work and construction has been completed, most of my pieces are then incapsulated within a double-glazed unit. This provides a good level of protection for the artwork and also allows for the work to be placed into an existing double glazed window frame.

My first window. It all stared here in 1986.
Mixed ‘lead and copper foil’ construction – entrance to a bathroom.
Just a holiday memory. Lead and copper foil construction & double glazed.
Designed, constructed and double glazed for a Music Director.
Designed for a work colleague. An internal double glazed piece – giving protection from the young children playing football indoors.
83 pieces of individually cut glass in ‘The Lighthouse’ alone. Approximately 1m x 0.5m.